Our story

Xcima Oceans

Xcima Oceans a.s was founded in 2015 and is located at Skjervøy, north of Tromsø. It is a company with cutting-edge expertise in underwater filming and high- end tourism. In 2014, the company received its first major contract with the BBC, the television series “The Atlantic”. In 2015, XO received a new major assignment from the BBC, Blue Planet 2. To meet the production´s demands, the company purchased a boat, a Viknes 1030, 36 ft. This was upgraded in 2019 to a Viknes 1080 40ft. The boat is registered as a passenger vessel for until 12 pax.

The company provides services in logistics, knowledge, research, equipment,
production planning. We have one main partner, “Cinemarine”, which supplies expertise and equipment in underwater filming and diving. XO is also closely linked to the production company “Fenris Film” in Oslo. This means that we can deliver TV and film productions for both the national and international market. As a result of these film productions, we have many requests from the tourist market. These are specially adapted tours and can be in the field of whale tourism, photo tourism, randonne/ski tourism to name a few.

Since 2015, Xicma Oceans has contributed to many international nature series filmed in Norway. These have exclusively dealt with whales and fisheries. Among these we can mention:

  • “The Atlantic”, BBC 2014
  • “Blue Planet 2”, BBC 2015, 2016
  • “Night at Earth”, Nat Geo 2017
  • “Dusk to Dawn”, Netflix 2018
  • “Deadly 60”, BBC 2019
  • “WWF”, German Film Production 2020
  • “Ocean Sounds”, Apple TV 2021
  • “Wild Scandinavia”, BBC 2021
  • “Whale with Steve Backshall”, Sky Channel 2022